Employers get ready for modern award changes on 1 March 2020

As part of the four yearly review of modern awards, in July 2019 the Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) handed down a decision which will impose new obligations on employers who pay their employees an annual salary under “annualised salary” provisions in modern awards. In this article, Lawyer Kate Smith provides an overview of the key… Read More

Safety on the construction site – understanding your obligations

The construction industry features high on the list when it comes to workplace accidents. Each year, many workers in the building industry sustain permanent injuries and disability, with statistics for catastrophic and fatal injuries dire. The nature of the construction industry itself presents risk, however many workplace accidents are caused by unsafe work practices. Managing… Read More

Is your will up to date

As you would be aware, Wills are extremely important documents and their accuracy and content will directly impact your loved ones when you pass away. It is important to keep your Will up to date, or to have a Will prepared if you don’t already have one. Everyone who is over the age of 18… Read More

The divorce process explained

The idea of divorce is well known, as is the established the principle of no-fault divorce in Australian law, but less is known or understood about the mechanics surrounding what is actually done and the steps involved. In this article we explain the process in simple terms. Today in Australia a court does not consider… Read More

What is an estate plan

Estate Planning – what is an Estate Plan? An estate plan involves more than signing a Will and storing it in a ‘safe place’. Estate planning requires a holistic approach in consideration of a person’s present circumstances and foreseeable future. A plan needs to consider who matters, what you have now, what you may have… Read More

QCAT- process procedure in building disputes

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) Process & procedure in building disputes QCAT is an independent tribunal that is part of the justice services division of the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General. QCAT aims to actively resolve the disputes that come before it in a way that is said to be “fair, just,… Read More