About Us

At WGC Lawyers it’s easy to identify the driving force behind our success. Quite simply put we’re good old fashioned Aussies, who hold our families, clients and community in the highest regard, and we work at ensuring all priorities are met accordingly.

We sustain a positive workplace culture where each of our employees feel valued, appreciated and respected.  We achieve this by offering the necessary flexibility for our team, so they’re able to meet family or personal obligations, resulting in a more content and productive workplace.

We are in the business of providing clients with concise, affordable and simple solutions to their legal needs.  It’s our mission to see all new clients remain with us for life and with client satisfaction our number one goal, it’s easy to see how we’re able to achieve this.

WGC Lawyers place immense value on our corporate social responsibility and we’re able to assist many local organisations to meet their needs through fundraising, sponsorships, volunteering and by our genuine interest in caring where it matters most.

Whether you’re associated with WGC through our services, employment, family, community, or as a business referral source, we’re glad to have you on our team.