At WGC Lawyers, we offer a complete range of services specially designed to make it easier than ever for you to navigate legal matters. Our team of legal specialises in all areas of law, whether it’s family law, litigation or even employment contracts. In this blog, we go over some important things to consider before entering an employment contract and offer tips on how to negotiate effectively for the best possible outcome. Contact WGC Lawyers today to talk to a workplace lawyer in Cairns.

What Should An Employment Contract Include?


An employment contract should clearly outline the salary based on the skills, experience and qualifications you bring to the table. Bonuses, superannuation and commission structures should also be mentioned here.

Terms of Employment

All conditions related to termination, severance pay, probation and notice periods should be clearly outlined in this section.

Roles and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities related to your role as an employee should be clearly defined in order to prevent misunderstandings and to protect you from sudden changes in your role.

Work Policies

All information relating to benefits, code of conduct, health and safety, and leave policies should be included in the contract.

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Workplace Policies: Familiarise yourself with the employer’s workplace policies, particularly those concerning leave entitlements, employee benefits, code of conduct, and workplace health and safety.

Negotiating Employment Contracts

When preparing for a contract negotiation, WGC’s employment lawyers in Cairns recommend the following steps.

Research and Preparation

Take your time to understand the industry, employer reviews and expected salary for your role by reading industry reports, speaking to peers and reading company reviews.

Effective Communication

workplace lawyer in Cairns places great importance on listening, asking plenty of questions and speaking positively during a negotiation to ensure that your case is well-presented.


The key to a successful negotiation lies in the willingness of both parties to compromise and be flexible when possible. The art of compromising is important to ensure that a contract negotiation can proceed smoothly.

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