Employment law in Cairns governs the relationship between employers and employees and addresses a range of legal issues in the workplace. The team at WGC Lawyers provides many years of experience when offering advice and representation across all categories of employment law. Read on to discover the importance of adhering to legal updates to workplace law and their implications on businesses. Contact one of our friendly team members today.

Employer Obligations

An employment contract is essential for employees and employers. This sets out the terms of service, remuneration and entitlements to make the rights and responsibilities of each party clearer. 

Employment Standards

As an employer, your terms and conditions must comply with legislation, standards and awards. As a trusted workplace lawyer in Cairns, we are experts in helping clients remain up-to-date with standards.

Workplace Bullying and Discrimination

Employers need to understand the conduct that may leave them open to a claim from the Fair Work Commission. Businesses must take steps to mitigate and manage issues by implementing policies and procedures to reduce risk. An employment lawyer in Cairns from WGC can ensure everybody in the workplace understands their rights and obligations.

Duty of Care

All employers must remain up-to-date with their duty of care. Businesses must introduce systems to maintain high standards of occupational health and safety to prevent injury and loss. They must also outline processes for identifying and eliminating potential hazards. Any breach may cause the government to undergo an investigation.

Business Restructure

Many statutes, regulations and standards apply to restructuring, and they change frequently. Businesses must remain up-to-date with these ever-changing legalities to ensure they aren’t in breach of their obligations. As your employment lawyer in Cairns, we can help you understand your obligations as laws change.

Employee Issues

Any employee can get advice from a workplace lawyer in Cairns from WGC when facing redundancy, termination, disciplinary action or dismissal. Employees may take action against employers for unlawful activities, discrimination, harassment or bullying. 

Employment law is ever changing, which can have a variety of effects on businesses‌. Call the team at WGC Lawyers in Cairns on 07 4046 1111 or contact us online today.