Finding the right lawyer is a very important step in whatever legal scenario you’re facing. Ensuring your lawyer has experience in the right field of law ensures you are maximising your likelihood of a positive outcome and minimises the likelihood of negative consequences. The extensive team of lawyers at WGC Lawyers service a wide variety of areas in the legal field, from property law to Wills and Estates. Contact us today for a lawyer in Cairns.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

The first question you should ask your prospective lawyer is how long they have been practicing law. Ask your lawyer how long he or she has been practicing criminal law, as well as any other questions that would help you to assess how much experience they have with the types of civil or criminal cases that you are currently facing.

What Type of Law Do You Practice?

The world of Cairns law is quite vast. It is therefore important to ensure that the lawyer you are hiring is experienced in handling the case you are facing, whether it is in civil court or criminal court. Some lawyers specialise in property law, whilst others tend to focus on cases that involve family law and mediation. WGC Lawyers is a holistic law firm, providing legal services across a variety of different areas.

What Will the Legal Costs Be?

Learning of the legal fees is a vital final step when choosing a suitable lawyer for your legal needs. It’s important to ensure that the Cairns law firm you hire is within your budget to avoid any unwelcome surprises. A good solicitor in Cairns will be upfront about their costs from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a Lawyer in Cairns, look no further than WGC Lawyers! Contact us today on 07 4046 1111 for a solicitor in Cairns.