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What Are Employment Contracts?

A contract defines the relationship between an employer and an employee. It implies that the employee has a duty to exercise reasonable care and follow the employer’s lawful and reasonable direction and receive money for their services. One of our expert workplace lawyer in Cairns will offer you legal advice to understand your rights within the workplace and any contract to which you are bound, whether verbal or written.

Resolving Workplace Disputes

Workplace disputes can have financial implications on an employee, employer and the entire organisation. During a dispute, it’s essential that you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. We will help you understand your rights during a workplace dispute and coordinate with related parties to ensure you receive an outcome that suits you.

Types of Workplace Disputes

There are a variety of workplace disputes you need to be aware of, which can include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Discrimination/sexual harassment
  • Unfair/unlawful dismissal
  • Adverse action claims

Minimising Workplace Disputes

An employer can avoid workplace issues in different ways:

  • Implement policies that outline the rights and obligations of all parties
  • Develop systems and processes to manage disputes
  • Ensure employees understand legal obligations when interviewing, recruiting, supervising, disciplining and dismissing staff
  • Make processes and systems transparent and logical

Understanding Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety refers to the fundamental rights and responsibilities, with a range of offences and penalties outlined by law. We can help you understand workplace health and safety. With over fifty years of experience, we have a reputation as  a trusted employment lawyer in Cairns.

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