WGC Lawyers are specialists in estate planning in Cairns. Over the decades, we have gained experience in mediating and resolving a number of estate disputes that commonly arise between family members over claims of inheritance. In this blog, we discuss the types of disputes that are likely to arise, and how they can be resolved with the help of a professional estate lawyer. 

Types Of Disputes 

One of the most common disputes arises when a family member has been left out of a Will and believes that appropriate provisions haven’t been made for them. A second type of dispute can arise between executors who differ on an aspect of the Will, such as the sale of a property. 

Disagreements between executors and beneficiaries are also quite common and may require an objective third-party who can step in to mediate. 

The most serious dispute occurs when a beneficiary disputes the capacity of the person who made the Will. Questions over whether the last known Will should be considered valid or not can lead to lengthy delays and considerable problems for executors. 

The Dispute Resolution Process 

As experienced lawyers for estate planning in Cairns, WGC Lawyers helps concerned parties resolve disputes without having to take the matter to court. Our legal team acts as an objective third-party that helps facilitate negotiations, communicate with the executor on behalf of an aggrieved party and determine whether there is a case to be made on their behalf. If required, the matter can be discussed in a settlement conference where the parties get together with their lawyers and work out an agreement that benefits both parties. 

If the steps mentioned above do not yield satisfactory results, a mediation can be set up with our lawyers. Clients may choose between a private mediation where the parties select a mediator, or the Court may appoint a mediator to help resolve the dispute. 

Legal Experts for Estate Planning in Cairns 

A Will dispute resolution through the court system can be a lengthy and expensive process. At WGC Lawyers, our team takes pride in providing clients with objective legal advice that helps them get the results they want, without the hassle of lengthy proceedings. If you are looking for legal advice regarding Will disputes and inheritance claims in Cairns, contact us today.