Planning your will and estate may not be your number one priority. For some people, this can seem like somewhat of a morbid task. However, carefully laying out your will and estate saves your loved ones much heartache and confusion when it matters. WGC Lawyers’ team of wills lawyers in Cairns will work with you to create a will that suits you and your family’s circumstances.

Hiring a Lawyer for Estate Planning Cairns

Whilst it may be tempting to bypass hiring a lawyer in favour of undertaking “DIY Wills and Estates”, this cheaper option often presents with various problems down the line. If you’re not familiar with the legal proceedings associated with Wills and Estates, trying to write your will yourself often creates ambiguity in your will, which may lead to conflict after you have passed. Hiring a professional wills lawyer in Cairns ensures you have taken all the legal proceedings and precautions to minimise will disputes.

Choosing the Right Trustee and Executor

Whilst it is common for people to allocate a close friend or one of their children as an executor for their will, this may not always be a good idea. It’s important that the person you choose can deal with the complexities of the process and will not be driven by emotion following your death. A wills lawyer in Cairns will aid you in choosing the right person to be an executor for your will.

Constantly Update Your Plan

We all change our minds from time to time – that’s no surprise. It’s therefore important to ensure that your will reflects your current wishes so that if you pass, your wishes are fulfilled. It is recommended that you review your will every year and make any necessary amendments if necessary.

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