Whether you’re buying or selling property in Cairns, the decision is an important one that requires research, planning and a legal advisor who understands the intricacies of property law in the state. As highly-regarded property lawyers in Cairns, WGC Lawyers provides clients with services related to property contracts as well as conveyancing in Cairns

Buying Or Selling Property In Queensland


Conveyancing is the process by which property is transferred from a seller to a buyer. Property lawyers in Cairns like WGC Lawyers are specially trained to assist clients with this process.

Should I Hire a Solicitor?

Hiring a solicitor for conveyancing in Cairns gives you the protection you need as you complete a property transaction while also ensuring that your interests are protected. Solicitors not only examine contracts closely, they also identify special conditions and other legal concerns that may affect your particular property purchase or sale.

Disclosure Obligations

Under Queensland Law, sellers are required to disclose information about the property before entering into a contract. This includes:

  • Informing the buyer if the property has a pool without a safety certificate
  • Disclosing all encumbrances that affect the property
  • Informing the buyer if the property is on contaminated land
  • Information about the body corporate in the case of units of townhouses

Additional documents include information about smoke alarms, electricity safety switch and clearance certificate from the Australian Taxation Office.


We recommend seeking advice from a property lawyer in Cairns before signing a contract. A solicitor will be able to examine the contract, ensure that the language is clear, your interests are protected, and suggest additional clauses if required. If required, the lawyer may also recommend getting the property valued by an independent party.

Cooling-Off Period

A cooling-off period of five business days begins on the day a copy of the signed contract is received by both parties. If the buyer wants to change their mind, they must do so within five days and pay the seller 0.25% of the price of the property in order to cancel the contract.

Experienced Property Lawyers For Conveyancing In Cairns

At WGC Lawyers, we believe that the best way to buy and sell property is to hire an experienced solicitor who can help you navigate the legal process at every step.