Facing conflict in the workplace can be difficult to manage. An experienced employment lawyer in Cairns can help you protect yourself in the workplace. WGC Lawyers provides expert advice and representation across all areas of employment law, with a proven track record of satisfied clients gathered over our fifty years in the industry. Call us today and learn how we can keep you protected in the workplace.

Understand Your Legal Obligations

As an employer, you need to understand your legal obligations at all stages of your working relationships. An employment contract sets out the terms of service, remuneration, entitlements and rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. We can help you understand the requirements of an employee contract, which can help you avoid costly workplace issues and alleviate losses if disputes arise over unfair dismissal. 

Standards of Employment

All employment terms and conditions must comply with legislation and any relevant awards. The agreement into which you enter may also include clauses that protect against the misuse of assets, such as contact and confidential information and intellectual property. If you’re unsure of your agreements, a workplace lawyer in Cairns will provide expertise to help you decipher complex legislation. Using terms that are easy to understand, WGC Lawyers will help you avoid any confusion over the rights of the employee and the employer during a potential case for unfair dismissal.

Workplace Discrimination and Bullying

As an employer, you need to understand the conduct that may allow an employee to make a claim with the Fair Work Commission. Workplace bullying and discrimination both receive significant media attention when they arise. We will help you mitigate the chances of such situations occurring in your workplace.

WGC Lawyers will use our experience in workplace law to determine which proactive steps you should take to prevent these issues. We can help you implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk of workplace disputes and legal proceedings.

If you or your business are dealing with unfair dismissal in the workplace, contact an expert workplace lawyer in Cairns on 07 4046 1111.