A building contract is a binding legal document between two parties, usually a builder and a client, outlining the plans and conditions for the construction or renovation of a building. Building contracts in Australia must meet certain parameters. For example, all building contracts must be written in English, provide all the terms of the contract, and give detailed descriptions of the work carried out. WGC Lawyers’ skilled team of property lawyers Cairns will help you navigate building contracts to ensure you understand the document correctly.

Domestic Building Contracts

Domestic building contracts include level 1 contracts (valued below $20,000) and level 2 building contracts (valued above $20,000). Any level 2 contract should contain the basic elements in a contract, in addition to any licences or permits that have required approval. The fixed price should feature on the first page of the contract. Domestic contracts also have a 5-day ‘cooling off period’. This is the period in which you can withdraw from the contract without incurring any penalty. If you’re unsure about your domestic building contract, speaking to a property lawyer Cairns will help you gain some clarity.

Commercial Building Contracts

Commercial contracts must also be in written English and need to outline the plans for the construction work that is to be undertaken. Ensuring the contract is laid out in clear terms is essential. Whenever there is a building dispute, the contract is often consulted and analysed to assess if there has been any wrongdoing. If the contract contains conflicting or contradictory information, this may result in negative results for the parties involved, including delays in construction. Hiring a Cairns law firm that is familiar with construction law ensures that your contract can be written clearly.

Managing Building Contracts

Managing building contracts is the process of ensuring that any legal obligations are upheld and is a requirement of both commercial and residential building contracts. WGC Lawyers can assist you in managing your building contract by explaining your contract as well as its key terms. In addition, our lawyers will review your existing contracts to ensure your exposure to liability is minimal and negotiate more favourable conditions on your behalf.

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