The laws governing body corporates in Queensland have undergone significant changes, which could impact property owners and those living in strata or community titled properties. These changes include new insurance requirements, an online dispute resolution platform, specific rules for committee meetings and updates to how by-laws are made and enforced. It’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates to ensure compliance with the law. WGC Lawyers outlines the critical changes to the body corporate laws in Queensland and what you need to know to ensure you follow the law.

Recent Changes

If you’re a property owner or a body corporate member, it’s worth consulting a property lawyer in Cairns to understand how these changes affect you. Some of the key updates to the law include:

Insurance Requirements

Under the new body corporate laws in Queensland, body corporates must obtain and maintain adequate insurance cover for the common property. This includes liability insurance and building insurance, which should cover damage caused by fire, flood and other natural disasters.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes between owners and body corporates must now be resolved through an online system called the Body Corporate and Community Management Module (BCCM). This platform provides a streamlined process for resolving body corporate disputes, including mediation and adjudication.

Committee Meetings

Meetings of the body corporate committee must be conducted in accordance with specific rules and procedures outlined in the law. This includes providing adequate notice to all members, ensuring a quorum is present and allowing for electronic participation.


The new body corporate laws have also introduced changes to the way by-laws are made and enforced. By-laws can no longer restrict the type of person who can occupy a lot or the way in which a lot can be used.

If you own or manage a property, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest changes to body corporate laws in Queensland. With the proper support, you can ensure your property complies with the law and avoid any potential legal issues in the future. Seeking legal advice from a lawyer in Cairns can help you understand your obligations and protect your interests. Contact WGC Lawyers online today for expert body corporate advice.