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A body corporate is a legal entity comprising the collective owners of a community title development. The body corporate is established upon registration of a community title scheme. According to body corporate laws, Queensland unit owners automatically become a member of the body corporate after purchasing an individual lot.

Role of a Body Corporate

The body corporate’s role is to manage the common property and assets of the community title development for the owners’ mutual benefit in accordance with the body corporate laws in Queensland. Its functions include:

  • financial management and record keeping
  • arranging public risk and building insurance
  • entering service and facilities management contracts
  • controlling the common property and arranging repairs and maintenance
  • appointing managing agents and electing building management committees
  • making, implementing and enforcing by-laws for the development

How Does a Body Corporate Function?

Each year members are elected to form a committee which oversees the daily administration of the body corporate and makes certain decisions on behalf of the scheme and its members. Some decisions are made at committee level while others must be passed at a general meeting.

Resolutions passed by the body corporate affect other unit owners, which can sometimes lead to body corporate disputes. Committee members of a body corporate have significant responsibilities and must understand their obligations and scope of powers under body corporate laws, Queensland developments are subject to following their appointment.

Body Corporate Laws Queensland

Community title schemes and the establishment, activities and conduct of the body corporate and its members are governed by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) and associated Regulations. It is important for committee members to have a working knowledge of the Act and Regulations, to make informed and lawful decisions concerning the scheme and to understand the restrictions upon decision-making.

There are a range of issues that may arise when a body corporate exercises its functions under the legislation. Committee members should seek legal advice from our Cairns law team if facing uncertainty or for complex matters.

Cairns Law Body Corporate Advisory Team

At WGC Lawyers, our body corporate advisory services has assisted many bodies corporate, managers and developers across a range of legal issues and matters such as:

  • advising committee members on their powers under the relevant laws
  • preparing, reviewing and interpreting by-laws
  • negotiating, reviewing and advising on management rights agreements
  • advising and assisting with contractual or building disputes
  • preparing community management statements
  • assisting with applications for conciliation and adjudication with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
  • representing the body corporate at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or Court

Our Cairns law team have comprehensive knowledge of body corporate laws Queensland developments are subject to, along with any other regulations and codes affecting community title schemes. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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