Residents in Queensland community title schemes, take note. Big changes are coming your way on 1 May 2024, thanks to reforms to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCM Act).

Here’s a breakdown of the amendments that will take effect on 1 May 2024:

Struggling Schemes Can Now Exit More Easily:  The Act allows for termination with a 75% vote from owners, offering a smoother exit path in specific circumstances.

Alternative Insurance Options:  The Act empowers adjudicators to approve alternative insurance arrangements if the mandated level can’t be met.

Breathing Easier with Clearer Smoking Rules:  Bodies corporate can now create by-laws restricting smoking in common areas and outdoor spaces. This clarifies the definition of smoking as a nuisance, providing a healthier environment for all residents.

Pet Lovers Rejoice!  The Act prohibits by-laws that completely ban pets or restrict the number, type, or size of pets that residents can keep. Unreasonable withholding of pet approval by the body corporate will also be addressed.

Enhanced By-Law Enforcement & Records Access: Layered community schemes, those with multiple bodies corporate, will see improved by-law enforcement and easier access to records, ensuring smoother management.

Streamlined Administration & More Transparency: The Act aims to simplify administrative and procedural processes for bodies corporate. This, along with clearer record-keeping requirements, promotes transparency and accountability in community governance.

For the full details of the BCCM Act reforms, consult the team at WGC Lawyers, led by Managing Director Rhiannon Saunders.