Considering the wishes of the children in parenting cases

Separating couples are generally required to make reasonable attempts to resolve disputes about the future living arrangements, care and responsibility of their children. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, dispute resolution is compulsory if agreement cannot be reached. If dispute resolution fails, then the matter may need to be resolved through Family Court proceedings under the… Read More

Sophisticated Inheritance Scams

Inheritance scams are becoming more sophisticated with the discovery of a fake website using the profiles of real Australian lawyers, according to WGC Lawyers. WGC Lawyers Director Jacqui Lee Long said the scam involved an email giving instructions to claim an inheritance from an unnamed deceased relative. The recipient is asked to add personal details… Read More

Duties & Responsibilities of a Company Director

You’re establishing your business and you’ve chosen your preferred structure, a company. You have an existing company and you’re appointing a new director. You’re an employee and you’ve been invited to become a director of a company. Each scenario requires an understanding of the responsibilities of a director. This ensures the director makes an informed… Read More

Consider this before you enter into a business partnership

In this age of entrepreneurs, innovative products are being made available to bridge ‘market gaps’ at an astonishing rate. Unfortunately, many innovators lack the resources necessary to mass-produce their products and make them available to larger markets which, of course, puts a low ceiling on success. To counter this, sole traders often establish partnerships with… Read More