WGC Lawyers has fostered community spirit since its inception. As a business, we are proud of our community and believe that the firm, as a mature and responsible business has a social responsibility in giving both our time and resources for the benefit of the community. Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly embedded in WGC’s business strategy and philanthropic values and our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility goals focus on inspiring and enriching people’s lives by building on our business’s many community achievements.

We practice Corporate Social Responsibility by:

  • Sponsoring a significant number of local sporting associations;
  • Delivering legal workshops at no cost to local not-for-profits and small businesses;
  • Supporting and encouraging our directors and staff to contribute to the local community by voluntarily offer their legal skills and serving on boards for local charities, community, arts, food and sporting groups and offering support to community fundraising events.

Our sponsorships

WGC Lawyers has for many years given back to the Cairns community by sponsoring sporting clubs including:

  • Cairns Surf Life Saving (this year will mark WGC’s 20th consecutive year as a sponsor of the Cairns Surf Lifesaving Club),
  • Barron Trinity Bulls Rugby Union,
  • Brothers Hockey Club, Sharks
  • Netball, Southern Suburbs Rugby League,
  • Rovers Cricket,
  • Dimbulah Pony Club and North Queensland Western Performance Horse Club

In 2019, WGC Lawyers committed nearly $35,000 to local sponsorships.

Barron Trinity Bulls Rugby Union

This year is WGC’s 30th consecutive year as a sponsor of the Barron Trinity Bulls Rugby Union Club.

Rovers Cricket Club

WGC Lawyers has been a major sponsor of Cairns’ oldest cricket club, Rovers Cricket Club, for more than a decade. WGC has provided significant financial assistance and also offered discounted legal services for Rovers members and their close associates. This support has, amongst other things, allowed Rovers to relocate to new and improved training facilities at Endeavour Park, Manunda.

Sharks Netball Club

WGC Lawyers has been a major sponsor of the Sharks Netball Club for more than eight years, providing a positive impact on players of all ages at the club. WGC provides not only significant financial assistance, but also offers discounted legal services for Sharks members and their close associates. Members of WGC provide legal advice to the Cairns Netball Association when requested.

Southern Suburbs Rugby League Club

WGC Lawyers has been a sponsor of Southern Suburbs Rugby League Club Inc. for five years. The Club is based at Gordonvale and fields teams in four grades. This year, WGC Lawyer’s sponsorship has enabled the Club to field a Women’s Team in the CDRL NRL Women’s Touch Competition.

WGC Lawyers’ contribution to charity events

WGC Lawyers continues to remain involved in and support many charity events in the Cairns region. Each year though our internal fundraising committee, we devise tactics and means to deliver our vision to help where it is needed most.

In an initiative driven by our General Manager, WGC Lawyers was a major sponsor for a Cairns Business Women’s Club event hosting guest speaker Rosie Batty for domestic and family violence awareness. Rosie sadly lost her son in previous years at the hands of her estranged husband. WGC Lawyers is conscious of protecting its clients experiencing family violence and it was our privilege to invest in the delivery of such an importance message.

Many of our staff have had family and friends touched by cancer, so in 2018 our General Manager registered a team for the Relay for Life 2018 Cairns event. Our team hosted many different fundraising opportunities which raised $10,411 for the Cancer Council Queensland.

WGC Lawyers continues to support the Cairns COUCH charity annually and in 2018 our senior managers went head-to-head with the juniors to participate in the Cairns 70.3 IRONMAN triathlon. The 2019 team is in training for the event.

In support of the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation, WGC Lawyers contributed to the 2018 fundraising for Annie’s Army raising funds for the cardiac unit in Cairns.

Late in 2018 the WGC team rallied behind the Young Animal Protection Society (YAPS) after their appeal for urgent assistance and local support. We were able to deliver 30kg of fresh mince along with tinned foods, blankets and supplies to the organisation.

In addition, in collaboration with Mission Australia, WGC Lawyers pledged to support a family of nine as part of The Cairns Post’s Adopt a Family for Christmas 2018 appeal. The staff generously donated the necessary items to get their children back to school in 2019, including a plentiful food hamper, books, clothes and toys.

Future plans

WGC Lawyers strives to continually improve our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by looking for opportunities to explore, diversify and strengthen our community involvement as part of our core company values.

WGC’s long-term plans are to continue to:

  • Support and sponsor local sporting associations;
  • Deliver a comprehensive workshop program which is useful and relevant to the needs of local not-for-profits and small business;
  • Encourage and support directors and staff to embrace our company culture and values by:
    • Voluntarily offering their legal skills to organisations in need;
    • Taking advantage of opportunities which develop their professional and personal skills and supporting the community in which they live and work; and
    • Supporting and contributing to charity events that are held within the local community.

Growth and success

WGC Lawyers is committed to incorporating corporate social responsibility into our firm’s business strategy by integrating social, ethical, environmental and philanthropic values into core decision making processes and company culture. Ideas are created and welcomed each year during management’s annual strategic planning workshops, to ensure CSR remains fundamental in the development of the company’s ethos.

Our Directors look beyond the financial bottom line to ensure WGC lawyers is a committed and generous part of the community in which we do business.

Our clients share our principles and many support us in our quest to raise funds for various charities.

Our valued community of clients and sponsorship recipients continue to remain loyal to WGC, and we believe that our business success within this region directly correlates with our consistent endeavours to provide ongoing support to the community.