Conveyancing in CairnsWith over fifty years of experience working in conveyancing in Cairns, the team at WGC Lawyers provides expert legal advice during every stage of purchasing or selling property. We understand that the process of property transactions is complex, so we provide a detailed analysis of your contract to ensure that you and all other parties are aware of the legal obligations. Call our friendly team today.

The Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing involves the transfer and registration of the title of a property between parties. The purpose of conveyancing is to ensure that a new owner has clear ownership of the title and understands any interests registered on the property. A conveyancer achieves this by investigating the property history before and after signing a contract.

How Contracts Work

A property contract is a legal document that parties sign during the transaction of a property. These documents contain a significant  volume of complex legal language that can often be difficult to understand. Contracts can also require both the buyer and the seller to provide certain assurances prior to the transaction which, if not met, can result in the termination of the contract. We will provide an expert appraisal of your contract in simple terms to ensure you understand your rights and obligations.

How We Can Help

Our team of lawyers in Cairns has been working in property law for over five decades. During that time we have worked with hundreds of customers who have been satisfied with our ability to simplify the conveyancing process. 

To give you peace of mind, we will explain in simplified terms all the steps associated with a property transaction and the contract . We will negotiate conditions for you, if necessary, identify any risks you may face and recommend an investigation into the property to protect you from any legal issues.

If you’re searching for a lawyer in Cairns to help you simplify the process of property transactions, call WGC Lawyers on 07 4046 1111. We look forward to satisfying all your conveyancing needs.