The buying and selling of property involves several legal steps, the sum of which is a successful conveyancing transaction. Conveyancing is the process by which the title of a property is transferred from one owner to another, ideally with the help of a property lawyer Cairns investors are familiar with. Before conducting a large property related transaction, WGC Lawyers recommends taking the time to consult one of our conveyancing lawyers.

Purchasing Property & Conveyancing in Cairns

If you have the perfect property in mind and would like to pay in cash, it is important that you have pre-approved finance. We advise clients against entering a contract without financial approval or without special conditions that allow for the cancellation of the contract should you choose to do so.

An experienced property lawyer in Cairns will help you examine the contract closely. The seller is obligated to disclose any potential compliance issues with electrical safety, fire safety regulations, renovations, and insurance where appropriate.

Your conveyancing lawyer will make sure that even a standard contract includes provisions that protect the buyer, such as statutory requirements and rescission terms. Signing a contract is a crucial step and an expert in the field of property law has the necessary knowledge to make sure you’re protected from every angle.

Selling Property with the Help of a Lawyer in Cairns

Before you sell a property, be sure that you are meeting all the legal obligations under the disclosure requirements. The wording of a contract is important, and any ambiguity can leave you vulnerable when you least expect it.

The contract must include accurate details of the property as well as information on warranties and any compliance related issues that may be present. A property lawyer from WGC Lawyers can help you include special conditions where required, which can help meet disclosure obligations.

Astute, Reliable and Approachable Real Estate Lawyer in Cairns

Property contracts are critical documents that can negatively impact sellers and buyers if drafted incorrectly. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, contact WGC Lawyers today for a free consultation. We use legal expertise to protect our clients from every angle, giving them the peace of mind required to make the right investments.