When dealing with workplace health and safety, you require a solicitor who understands the complex nature of business law. WGC Lawyers is your locally trusted and experienced employment lawyer in Cairns. Our aim is to ensure you understand your legal requirements as an employer as well as your rights as an employee. Call us today for expert advice on workplace health and safety at an affordable rate.

Workplace Health and Safety

Employers, officers and employers are all responsible for the health and safety of people within the workplace, but the primary duty falls to the employer. Our aim is to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations as an employer and your rights as an employee while in the workplace.

Managing Risk in the Workplace

An employer must understand how to manage risk in the workplace and reduce the risk of accidents. You need a workplace lawyer in Cairns who can help you mitigate the potential for workplace health and safety issues, and we can provide an expert to help you. This process involves identifying foreseeable hazards, implementing systems to eliminate hazards, maintaining and reviewing systems and identifying risks that may have previously gone unnoticed.

What is Workers Compensation?

If an employee has suffered physical injury, aggravated an existing injury or become ill while in the workplace, they may seek compensation for the duration of their injury or a lump sum payment. As an experienced employment lawyer in Cairns, we can help you understand your rights as an employee when claiming compensation and your obligations as an employee to minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace.

H2: Why Choose Us?

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